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Application development
web development
Remote administration
Database programming
Vyvone accommodates with a lot of services in the Information Technology sphere.

It deals with software and Internet solutions development for most of the modern e-business requirements. Our software development capabilities differ from building desktop applications to assigned client/server or system applications.

Vyvone offers an expert Web site development team, which is competent to provide clients with a strong Web presence through splendid graphic design and innovative programming.

Our Internet services include web site, e-commerce solutions and the components of Web services development.

Our development process allows to minimize terms and costs of the project development, at the same time giving more flexibility and functionality.
Client-Server solutions — to your business.
We produce distrubuted applications, using top innovative techniques in Client-Server technology. Java Beans, CORBA, DCOM, OLE, tiny web-clients and more.

Rapid application development techniques with top-level programming languages.
Rapid application development techniques are realized with programming environments, that are the best for your business. We deal with: Java; C++; Delphi; PHP; Perl; Assembler; Visual Basic, ASP; JSP; Powerscript; HTML; CSS; SSI; SQL and even COBOL. Also, we use Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tools to develop and deploy the systems. Through the use of these tools, our develpers are able to produce comprehensive and powerful systems on database technologies including Oracle; MS SQL; Interbase/FireBird; MySQL for enterprises and tiny databases, such as MS Access and Interbase for small businesses. These applications can then be configured to run on various operating system platforms: most Unices, including Linux; Solaris and Windows.